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2016 Compact Rules
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March 24, 2016

 2016 COMPACT 

New Rules are in RED

This class is open to all men and women 16 years old and over.  16 and 17 years old must have a notarized permit signed by parent/guardian. In fairness to all the following rules and regulations shall prevail.

Participant regulations

Driver may move forward or backward. Driver must make contact every 60 seconds or be disqualified. No sandbagging. No team driving. Cars must move when hit or show visible damage. No driver door hits allowed.

Prize Money is different for each show. It will be posted on our schedule page.

Entry Fee

Each car/driver shall pay $40.00 unless otherwise posted. Each pit person shall pay $25.00 unless otherwise posted. All drivers and pit persons must sign waiver and release of liability before entering pit area or track. Entries will be accepted up to 1 hour prior to show.

Preparation of Cars

THIS CLASS WILL BE OPEN TO FRONT WHEEL DRIVE CARS ONLY AND WHEEL BASE WILL NOT EXCEED 108 INCHES. Measured from center of wheel to center of wheel (must be factory 108 inches cannot move wheels in).   No screws allowed. NO PLASTIC GAS TANKS (heavy duty plastic racing fuel cells are allowed). No wedging, no sedagons, no jeeps, trucks. NO PACERS ALLOWED. No convertibles. All glass, chrome, pot metal, lights, carpet, headliner, back seats, fiber glass (anything flammable) must be removed before reaching the exhibit area. DO NOT BREAK GLASS IN DOORS. Trunks must be empty of all debris (spare tires, rims, etc.). Absolutely no welding but what is stated in these rules. Unlimited 9 wire. Mandatory you must have number on both front doors and roof big enough to see and must be bright enough colors to be seen. No profanity allowed on cars.


Must be 4 or 6 cylinders and must be in stock position. No cradles or protectors




May be removed but not relocated




Must be in a secure position and be covered with something nonflammable (like rubber floor mat). Batteries must be secure with no movement.


Must remain stock. Except as stated in these rules. You may weld shocks, spacers allowed, c v shafts may be modified.

Steering Column

May be modified from gear box to steering wheel. All other components must remain stock.


Must be in factory position. 4 hood bolts allowed but only 2 can go to the frame. They cannot go in front of the radiator. Bolts must not be bigger than ¾ with washers no larger than 6 inches outside diameter. Must have 2 holes cut in hood big enough for fire extinguisher. Not directly over carburetor. Althread or bolts must be straight no making a L OUT OF THEM. 

Trunk/Wagon tailgate/Hatches

You can use 4 ¾ bolts with washers not bigger than 6 inches outside diameter, none to the frame. Trunk lids must remain on hinges. You may tuck the trunk but no wedging and no sedagons. If you don’t bolt you may weld trunk 1 inch leave 6 inches. Hatches and wagon tailgates weld 1 inch leave 6 inches.


No seam welding allowed. No patching allowed. Pre-denting is okay. Creasing is allowed no double creasing no welding or bolting creases.


Fenders may be trimmed. 10 bolts per fender may be used. Bolts are not to be no bigger than 3/8 with washers no larger than 1 inch outside diameter.

Body mount bolts

Must be factory size and must be in factory location. Must have factory rubbers.


Absolutely no welding on frame. No reinforcing of frame. You can notch the frame. You can have 2 5x4x1/4 inch plates for damaged area only. Must have at least 4 inches between all patches and brackets.


Doors may be welded solid with a strap no bigger than 3 inches, on the outside only. Driver’s door should be reinforced.


You may have a cage with two side bars and three bars across. The cage cannot extend past the dash area in the front and must be at least 2 inches in front of the rear wheel wells in the back. This can be welded in. Absolutely no kickers. You may have a halo bar no further back than 10 inched behind driver’s seat. None of the cage or halo bars can connect to the frame, or to windshield bars or roof signs. Cage must be at least 4 inches off of floor and no higher than bottom of door windows. Halo bars must be vertical.


FULL SIZED STOCK BUMPERS ALLOWED must be cut down to width of car. You may weld the bumper on. Bumper brackets may be welded on. NO back brackets on front. No stuffed bumpers. You can have 2- bumper straps 14 inches long x ¼ x 4 inches wide must be flat strap. 1 per side of car. No pointy’s, no other reconfiguration you can have strap or shocks not both shocks must be factorys.

Gas Tank

Maximum 5 gallons of gas. Gas tank must be placed in back seat area and properly secured. Tanks must be secured so there is no movement (DO NOT USE BUNGE CORDS FOR THIS). If tank is not secure you will not be running, Tanks must have secure lids and be leak proof. All fuel lines must have no leaks. Stock gas tanks in cars must be removed or have holes in them and be washed out. You may run stock tank if it is in front of rear axle. NO PLASTIC TANKS (exception heavy duty plastic racing fuel cell). You must have a shield between gas tank and driver. This shield must be metal or tin. This may be mounted with screws. NO FREON TANKS WITH LEGS WELDED ON THEM.


Any tire allowed. Valve stem protectors are okay. NO reinforcing of rims except around bolt holes (2 inch maximum on outside diameter of lug holes).

Back window bars

You may use nine wire or a chain in back window area chain links cannot be welded if you use chain you may use 2 3 x 3 plates to attach chain.

This is a stock type class do not exceed these rules. Do not do anything after inspection to make car illegal. If this happens you will be disqualified with no return of entry fee. Officials have the right to re-inspect cars at any time.

Safety Rules and Regulations

  1. Cars must have at least one bar attached from roof down to dash area to prevent hood from coming in.
  2. Radiator over flow hoses must be pointed at the ground and fastened so they cannot shoot water towards officials or other drivers.
  3. Header pipes must be pointing straight up cannot be aimed towards front of cars.
  4. Note if you have a hole in the fire wall it should be covered.
  5. Safety belts required.
  6. O.T. approved helmets mandatory. Any driver using an open face helmet will not be covered by insurance if facial injury occurs.
  7. Safety glasses or shield recommended.
  8. Mandatory-you must wear long pants and a shirt (fire suit recommended).
  9. 2 fires and you are out unless it’s a fuel fire then it’s just 1 fire and you are out.
  10. No alcoholic beverages or drugs allowed in pit area or on the track.
  12. Note management does have the right to disqualify a car/driver at any time. Any person on track or causing trouble and not complying with the rules will be asked to leave (we can have you escorted off or have you arrested and you can be banned from running or being in pit area at future G.S.A. events).
  13. Protests must be made 5 minutes after the compact heat. Only Drivers are allowed to protest a car. Officials will re-inspect the top cars.
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