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2016 Truck Rules
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March 24, 2016

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Truck Rules


Any trucks except 4 wheel drive, SUV’s, Dually’s or flatbeds will be allowed.

Preparation of Trucks

Trucks must be stripped and swept clean of all glass pot metal, carpet etc. anything flammable. Both doors must be stripped clean of window regulators and door handles inside and out. Any moldings, trim, or emblems must be removed. All hitches including bed hitches must be removed.


NO welding on frames except for bumper mounting and drive train installation. No patching on frames. Frames may be sectioned but may only be butt welded no over lapping or plating. No shortening of frames. Trucks must remain stock wheel base.


At least a four point cage. No kickers to frame but may run them to cab floor. Cage may not exceed driver’s compartment. Driver’s safety comes first.


Bumper height on fresh trucks must not exceed 28 inches from ground to center of bumper. Car bumpers may be used on front and back but must be OEM. Front bumpers may be reinforced inside only! Do not abuse this rule!! If car back bumpers are used on the front, the license plate recess may be filled in. If you run a rear bumper it must be trimmed within 6 inches of frame rails. Front bumpers may be mounted as such, stock brackets or car shocks, or 2x4x1/4 rectangle tubing, or straight to the frame. One or the other. Shocks or tubing can only go 8 inches back on or in the front frame. You may chain or strap front bumpers, do not exceed 4 inches back on frame with straps or chain.


Any motor and tranny combination to any truck. Mounting may only be done on K-member and tranny mount. No engine plates. Transmission coolers may be used, but must be mounted in passenger’s compartment. (Keep safety in mind)


No reinforcing A-arms, tire rods or drag links. Spring risers are allowed. Bolting A-arms solid is permitted, as long as you do not weld or exceed bumper height. Spring clamps may be used on rear, 2 per side.


16.5 or smaller DOT or implement, 8 lug or less, no split rims, no screwed rims, no studded tires liquid filled tires okay


Battery must be mounted and covered in passenger floor board. One battery per truck.


Fuel tank must be mounted in front center of the truck bed. Steel or aluminum tanks only no plastic tanks. Tanks must be secure and leak prof and covered with nonflammable material. (keep safety in mind)


 Cab may be bolted solid to frame. Four places max. This can be done with 3/4 althread and 6x6 plates at 1/4 inch thickness max. At least one windshield bar from roof down to cowl. Doors may be welded solid using no more then 1/8 inch and no wider than 3 inches.


Radiators must remain in stock position or can be removed. No radiator protectors. If metal is added to mount radiator, keep it to minimum.


Any driveshaft to any truck, but you must have a safety loop (this can be done with a piece of chain from frame rail to frame rail under driveshaft)


Any 8 lug or less rear end maybe used. Rear end maybe welded.


10 bolts per fender. Fenders maybe tucked and welded. Do not add metal.


Hood panels may be bolted or welded together. Bolts may be no larger than 3/8 diameter with 1 inch diameter washer limit 20. A 12 inch hole must be cut in hood above carburetor if header holes are not cut. Header holes must be cut plenty big for fire extinguishers to fit. Hoods may be bolted shut in 6 places. This can be done with 3/4 althread or smaller 6x6x1/4 inch plates. Only 2 can go through frame. In addition you can use #9 wire from hood to bumper (6 strands Max) Hoods must open for inspection.


Bed bolts may be replaced with 3/4 althread and 6x6x1/4 plates. No more than 8 places and these may go through frame. You may have 2 additional bolts go from the front of the bed through the back of the cab. Bed may be welded to cab using 1/8x3 flat may be welded solid. Tail gate may be welded solid if left up. If bed sides are folded down, (Must have 8 inches of space in between) tailgate must remain behind wheel wells. Sides and tail gate may be bolted down with 2 additional 3/4 althread (one per side) but may only go through bed floor. You may use #9 wire in the bed but only in 4 places. You may go to bed bolts but not to frame. Bed panels may be welded together using 11/2x11/2x1/8 inch angle iron. Angle may be only 4 inches long and at least 6 inches apart. You may use a total of 16 angles inside of bed. INSIDE only not on the bed rails.


FOLLOW all safety rules that are in the modified car rules

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