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2016 Modified Rules
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March 24, 2016




The auto demolition derby is open to men and women. In fairness to all contestants, the following rules and regulations shall prevail. THESE RULES WERE DESIGNED WITH COMMON DERBY TERMINOLOGY IN MIND DO NOT THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.


Drivers must be at least 18 years of age or if 16 or 17 years of age must have notarized permit by parent/guardian. Driver must furnish his/her own car. Entry fee $40.00 for driver and $25.00 per pit person unless stated different on schedule. All drivers and pit persons must sign waiver of release of liability before entering pit area or track. NO ONE UNDER 13 YEARS OF AGE allowed in pit area or on track. Entries will be accepted up to one hour prior to race time. You must be there at least one hour before show. IF YOU ARE NOT IN LINE TO BE CHECKED IN AT LEAST AN HOUR BEFORE START TIME YOU WILL BE CHARGED AN EXTRA $20.00. All driver and pit people must attend meeting prior to race time.


Prize money is different for each show. Prize money will be on the schedule.


2003 and newer Vics must have stock cradle (No reinforcement of stock cradle). No jeeps, trucks (rancheros, elcaminos are considered trucks), convertibles. No carryalls, Hearst, limos. NO imperials or imperial sub frames allowed. NO LINCOLNS 61 to 70. Driver may maneuver forward or backward. NO deliberate driver's door hits. If a driver does not hit another active car in one minute that car/driver shall be disqualified. No sandbagging, if you are sandbagging the race will be stopped and a flag will be placed on your car that says sandbagger. Cars must move when hit or show visible damage. Driver must remain in his/her car with helmet on until car is removed from track or officials tell you different. Make sure helmet strap is fastened. If helmet keeps coming off during race you will be disqualified.


SPRING POCKETS CANNOT BE REINFORCED No screws allowed! Pre denting & tucking is okay. Slogans, advertising or painting may be placed anywhere on the car except front doors. MANDATORY-You must have a readable roof sign with number (you are only allowed one roof sign). NO profanity. All glass, chrome, pot metal, lights, carpet, head liners, back seats, fiber glass (anything flammable except front seats must be removed before reaching the exhibit area. DO NOT BREAK GLASS DOWN IN DOORS!! Trunks must be empty of all debris, spare tires, rims, parts etc. Car must be clean of all glass. NO ether or any other assisted re starts.


Unlimited 9 wire but none can go around cage or halo bar.


Wagons must have spare tire flap removed. Cars must be swept clean of all glass & debris. NO seam welding inside of car.


Floor mounted gas and brake pedals must be mounted with 4 bolts only and cannot be mounted in anyway for reinforcement of car and must be at least 4 inches from any body mount bolts or plates.


Any engine or transmission may be used in any car but must be mounted within 3 inches of stock position. Motor mounts may be welded. Maximum 4x6 motor mount plates. Motors may be chained. Motors must have air breather. Transmission coolers are okay. High pressure hydraulic line recommended for this. Keep safety in mind when installing. Officials may disqualify you if they think installation is unsafe. You may tie motor down with 2 chains with 2 links welded to the engine crossmember/cradle or 2 straps 1 inch wide 3 inches weld to engine crossmember/cradle or wire in addition to motor mountsDrive shaft- any drive shaft okay.


OEM transmission crossmember or 2x2 OD ¼ inch maximum replacement. Must be mounted with at least 2 inch space from all transmission protector components. You may weld or bolt a 2 inch angle iron to inside of frame, 5 inch maximum to facilitate the mounting of crossmember. Center mount may not exceed a normal transmission mount bolt area 6 inch maximum. No additional bracing allowed. If you bolt a maximum of 2 bolts on side rails or tranny mount. All tranny mounts must have the ability to slide un-obstructive backwards. Means any bolt hole must be slotted to have slide to back.


DISTRIBUTOR PROTECTORS are allowed but must be no wider than 12 inches and Distributor protector cannot be more than 3 inches max away from distributor cap. May not be welded, bolted or connected to body, hood or frame (MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 6 INCHES FROM DASH BAR ON ALL CARS USED OR NEW). Forward supports must be inside normally positioned headers and not extend past the water pump. AFTER MARKET ENGINE CRADLES are allowed. Cradle to mid plate may be connected but in no way connected to frame. It can be no further than 8 inches from original mounts. Must connect to frame as a standard mount would. If you run a pulley protector must be 3 inches from sway bar. Mid plate must have gap between it and fire wall. Mid plate no wider than 27 inches. If you have no distributor protector you may weld 2 one inch diameter rods one on each side from dash bar to top side of frame. Must be at least 3 inches behind a-arms welded to top side of frame only.


Battery box will be a minimum of 6 inches away from body mounts. 2 12v batteries max. Must be placed in a secure position and be covered with floor mat, inner tube or something nonflammable. Batteries must be securely fastened down.


May be removed but not relocated. OEM style radiators only. NO homemade or tube style. AC condensers if left in may be retained by four 3x6x1/4 inch straps max and eight 3/8 inch bolts with 1 inch washers. Straps may be welded to core support. Core bolts must be vertical.


Maximum of 10 gallons of gas. Gas tanks must be placed in back seat area and properly secured. Tanks must be secured so there is no movement. Do not use bungee cords for this. If tank is not secure you will not be running. Tanks must have secure caps and be leak proof. Lines must be leak proof. Stock gas tanks in cars must be removed or have holes punched in them and be washed out. NO PLASTIC TANKS ALLOWED!! NO PLASTIC GAS TANKS ALLOWED!! NO PLASTIC GAS TANKS ALLOWED!! EXCEPTION- plastic racing fuel cells are allowed. You must have a metal or tin shield between gas tank and driver. This may be mounted with screws.


Cage may be constructed 1 of 2 ways.

OPTION 1- Cage is allowed 2 side bars max. Size 6 inch tubing or channel. Max of 3 cross bars allowed no larger than 5 inches diameter, no curved dash bars, must be a minimum of 5 inches from center of fire wall, must be minimum of 10 inches from floor. No higher than bottom of side windows. Rear bar may attach to front side of inner tire well must be 2 inches off of backseat panel. 4 down legs allowed 6 inches wide maximum. 2 down legs may go to frame in between inside seams of both front doors cannot be connected to body mount bolts. Must be vertical. 2 Down legs may attach to body in back seat areamay not be within 6 inches of body mount bolts or body mount plate.

OPTION 2- You are allowed 2 side bars 60" max and 2 cross bars (no curved dash bars minimum of five inches from firewall). You are allowed a gas tank protector 6x24 inches must be at least 2 inches from backseat panel. May attach to 2nd bar. 4 down legs as stated in option 1 (option 1 & 2 cage must be left in same position as it was when passed inspection).

HALO BAR- may be added to cage 5 inch diameter max. May go to floor pan sheet metal not to frame. Must remain vertical, NO TILTING. Must be within 12 inches of driver’s seat. May only be attached to roof with 2 bolts.

FRONT WINDSHIELD BARS-only 2 ½ x ¼ inch max. 2 bars only. May not extend more than 3 inches past windshield opening. Cannot not be directly behind distributor protector. No cross bars. The front bars are a minimum of 16 inches apart. Cannot attach to halo bar. Flat Strap ONLY

REAR WINDOW PROTECTOR-will either be 9 wire or max of 3/8 chain not welded solid. You are allowed two 3 inch max retaining plate to attach rear window protector.


Must start with a factory bumper. May reinforce the inside of bumper but must remain stock appearing. Reinforced no wider than frame rails. OUTSIDE OF BUMPERS MUST BE STOCK APPEARING.Must have hole in the end of the bumper. End of bumper must be same width as center of the bumper. All bumpers can only be reinforced between front bumper skin and stock backing. No homemade pointy’s. No reconfiguration of stock bumpers. Bumpers must be mounted in front of core support bolts. All bumpers and brackets must be passenger car origin, no rear brackets on front. All brackets and shocks must be mounted outside of frame unless factory shocks were mounted inside of frame (example 80's ford). Cadillac’s and Y frame Chryslers must be mounted outside frame. Bumpers and brackets may be welded solid to frame; no brackets may extend further back than 10 inches from center of original core support bolt, 2 4x8x1/4 inch straps per bumper may be welded to frame to hold bumper on only. Or 2 3/4 all thread may be used with 4 inch washer max. Washer cannot be welded. Bumper height from ground 16 inches min. 22 inches max from bottom of bumper. For front of cars you must use front bumper brackets no rear brackets on front (OEM) anything excessive will not be allowed.


All doors and wagon gates must be chained, wired or welded shut. All doors except wagon gates may be welded solid outside only. You may use a 3 inch strap for this. Wagon gates may weld four 3 inch plates or bolt 4 places with 3/4 inch althread with washers no bigger than 4 inch outside diameter. Driver’s door can have one bar attached 3 inches past front doors.


If hoods are removed or fan blade showing, belts must be cut or fan blade removed. Hoods must have two holes cut in them for fire extinguishers. Not directly over carburetor. You may use 6 althread no larger than 1 inch with washers no bigger than 6 inches outside diameter. Only two may go through the frame (THESE 2 MUST BE ON THE OUTSIDE OF RADIATOR SUPPORT. Must go through core support bolt holes. No welding TO body or frame may weld to core support. Spacers no bigger than 4 inch material may be used no welding to body or frame may weld to core support). None in front of radiator. Caddies and Chryslers mount the 2 althread through frame as a GM or Ford would be. NO WELDING ON HOODS THEY MUST OPEN FOR INSPECTION. You may use SAE 3/8 bolts with washers no larger than 1 inch outside diameter around header holes, fire holes no more than 20 bolts for this.


You can use four 1 inch althread with washer no larger than 6 inches outside diameter. 2 may go through frame. You can use 10 SAE 3/8 bolts with washers no larger than 1 inch outside diameter around lip of trunk lid (must be on drip rail) or ten 1 inch welds around trunk lid. If you don’t bolt you may weld trunk lid. Weld 6 inches leave 6 inches. 3 inch strap max. Tucking or V'ing of trunk is allowed. NO WEDGING. Quarter panels must remain vertical within 3 inches of OEM position. 1 trunk lid per car.


Creasing of body allowed but cannot be welded or bolted. Cannot be doubled creased. NO adding of skins. May patch rust hole but must be visible for inspectors. No other body seam welding except what is stated in the rules. NO SEAM WELDING.


You may sedagon a pre ran wagon but cannot but cannot exceed 4-3/4 althread with 6 inches outside diameter washers. Also may use 10 3/8 bolts with washers no bigger than 1 inch outside diameter. Or weld 10- 1 inch spots along with 4 althread. None can go to frame. You cannot exceed this.


You may trim fenders. You can bolt fenders. 10 bolts per fender with bolts no bigger than SAE 3/8 bolts with washers no bigger than 1 inch outside diameter. Or weld 1 inch leave 1 inch but not both. REAR QUARTER PANEL CONSIDERED FENDER.


14 ply fork lift tires okay. Do not exceed this. For those that don't have these, tire inside of tire is okay. Field tile inside of tire okay. Foam filled tires okay. V-tread tire okay. NO liquid filled tires. No split rims, NO paddle tires. Tires screwed to rims okay on backside onlyValve stem protectors are okay. No reinforcing of rims except around bolt holes. (2 inch maximum on outside diameter of lug holes.)


6 leafs max. 2 1/2 inches wide, 2 inch stager, longest spring 5 ft. No thicker than 5/16. 4 clamps per side. Must be mounted as factory leafs would be mounted. Wagons must be done as factory.


Converting coil springs to leaf is allowed but you must follow these rules. Cars that can be converted must be 80 or newer body styles NO EXCEPTIONS. Springs must have at least a 2 inch stager, no more than 4 clamps per side, no more than 6 springs per side (car springs only). Springs must be no more than 2 1/2 inches wide, longest spring must be no longer than 5 foot. Thickness no more than 5/16. This will be checked with a 5/16 inch wrench.

Main leaf must be top leaf.


Front spring must use factory suspension hole (trailer arm hole). Reinforcement of this hole must not exceed 3 inches of center of this hole and must be done on outside of frame only and using metal no thicker than the frame. Any reinforcement found on inside of frame will be cause for immediate disqualification. No reinforcement for leaf spring hanging. Washers no bigger than 4 inches, outside bracket no longer than 8 inches total. No welding except what it takes to mount the brackets. This conversion must be as close as possible to OEM style mounting. Example: mid 70 style GM wagons and Chryslers. If officials find you went beyond how factory leaf springs are mounted on factory leaf cars you will not be allowed to participate and no refund of entry fee. NO FLAT SPRUNG CARS.


Must be of OEM origin, five lug max. NO FLOATER. Rear end bracing allowed. Braces are for the sole purpose of strengthening rear end housing only. Trailing arms may be lengthened or shortened. Must be of passenger car origin and may be reinforced. Rear ends with bigger than 35 spline axles will be allowed to compete with stock trailing arms or if a leafed car a 4 inch stager in leafs. If driver refuses to pull axel, if any question of size of axle, that driver shall be disqualified.

Watts link conversions on newer fords. You may convert a watts link to a standard 4 link system in the following way; Use the upper and lower trailing arm brackets off an older ford. No shortening of trailing arms, no positioning brackets to strengthen front down legs of the rear hump. Must mount in the stock location. Use upper mount tray out of older car but must leave 2 inches of original factory package tray to weld to. May not be welded to frame. Do not re-weld seam. Welds may only weld to tray package. IF YOU 35 SPLINE AXELS OR LESS YOU CAN HAVE AXEL SAVERS.


Tie rod ends must be factory OEM (passenger car origin) Turn buckle may be reinforced with sleeve. After market tie rod ends allowed but NO HIEM JOINTS. May weld in ball joints with the sole purpose of retaining ball joints in factory position only. Must be OEM screw in ball joints ALLOWED. NO AFTER MARKET SPINDLES OR HUBS

A-ARMS You may weld, bolt or chain down your a-arms, You are allowed either 2 straps 2x3 inch max nothing may contact frame (do not weld whole a-arm down) or 1-chain, or 1 bolt. All straps, bolts chains must be in middle of A-arm. All attachments must be made to spring bucket only


Welding on frames is allowed from in front of the a-arm forward. Top seam only. Do not exceed 1/2 inch weld. You can weld 12 inches max behind a-arms and no further back than front of front door not to exceed 1/2 inch weld. (I do not care how you split this up but do not exceed 12 inches). No added metal. No concrete. Do not reinforce frame. Notching of frame is permitted. Plates allowed on fresh cars max. 4-5x4x1/4 flat plates. You can add 2 more plates’ 5x4x1/4 to a pre ran car but you can only have a total of 4 plates on front of car. The front of the car is considered from the firewall forward. Must have at least 4 inches between patches and all other brackets (Do not cut these patches into a bunch of little ones). You may run a chain from frame to frame in the back. ABSOLUTELY NO UNDER COATING OR PAINTING ON FRAME. Cross member may be welded but not reinforced. If you re-sub frame car it must be model to model. Mopar and Caddies can close in the Y on the front part of frame but cannot add metal to do this.NO FRAME SQUARING. YOU CAN SHORTEN FRAME BUT ONLY IN FRONT OF THE TWO FACTORY CORE SUPPORT MOUNTS. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ANY RECONFIGURATION OF CORE SUPPORT MOUNT HOLES ( THIS MEANS NO MOVING MOUNTING EARS ON FORDS(STOCK WELDS MUST BE VISIBLE) OR DRILLING NEW HOLES FOR CHEVY CORE SUPPORT MOUNT HOLES)


Maximum thickness ¼ inch. Maximum length 14 inches. Must be in center of hump on outside of frame only. With a 3/8 inch inspection hole drilled through plate and frame. Plate must be cut to contour to frame. ONLY COIL SPRING CARS ARE ALLOWED TO DO THIS.


Body mount rubbers may be removed. Mount bolts may be replaced with 3/4 inch. You may add two extra body mount bolts anywhere you want but do not exceed this. If extra body mounts are horizontal cannot be no longer than 7 inches. Bottom body mount washers must be inside frame or removed for inspection. If you use althread 2 nuts 2 washers. If you use bolts 1 nut 2 washers.Body mount washers 5 x 3/16 maximum.


  1. Cars must have 2 bars attached to center of windshield from roof down to dash area to prevent hoot from coming in. Cannot be attached to halo bar.
  2. Radiator overflow hoses must be pointing at ground and fastened so they cannot shoot water towards officials or drivers.
  3. Header pipes must be pointing straight up cannot be aimed toward front of the car.
  4. Note: if you have a hole in the fire wall it should be covered.
  5. Safety belts required.
  6. DOT approved helmets mandatory. Any driver using an open face helmet will not be covered by insurance if a facial injury occurs.
  7. Safety glasses or shield recommended.
  8. Mandatory you must wear long pants and shirt. Fire suit recommended.
  9. 2 fires you are out unless fuel fire then one fire you are out.
  10. No alcoholic beverages or drugs allowed in pit area or track.
  11. No pit persons allowed on track.
  12. Note: Management does have the right to disqualify a car/driver at any time. Any person on track or causing trouble and not complying with rules will be asked to leave. We can have you escorted off or have you arrested and can be banned from running or being in pit area at future GSA events. Protests must be made no later than 5 minutes after heat in question. No protest will be taken after feature event and only drivers my protest. Officials will re-inspect the top cars. Anything done to car to make it illegal after inspection will be disqualified.
  13. If you reinforce anything besides what is stated in these rules it can be considered illegal and you will not run. Official's decision is final.
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