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2016 Enduro Rules
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August 10, 2009

July 1, 2016




Enduro Racing is about putting the fun back into racing without spending a lot of money.  This is a stock car racing event of the most basic kind.  **Build it safe, build it to last and keep it STOCK!**


Drivers: Must be 16 years old.  Valid ID may be required.  There will be a drivers meeting 30 minutes before the race. 


Pits: No one in the pits under the age of 12. NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED IN THE PITS


Cars: Any 4, 6 or 8 cylinder 2-wheel drive car, station wagon van or mini-van.  No convertibles, no pickup trucks, no turbos, no superchargers, no all-wheel drive.  NO V-8 engines in vehicles with less than 108" wheelbase.  All flammable interior must be removed.  All glass, plastic trim and headlight and taillight covers, hub caps, antennas, and chrome must be removed.  Doors must be welded shut.  Stock bumpers must be attached and welded to keep them on the car.  No body cutting, chopping or reinforcing.  Wheel wells may be modified to allow for tire clearance.  No bracing whatsoever except for the approved roll cage.  One passenger located in the front passenger compartment will be allowed if the passenger compartment meets the same specifications as the driver's compartment entirely. 


Safety:  Officials have the final determination if a car meets safety standards.


Roll Cage:  One 4 point or more cage mandatory.  1.5" x .095 wall steel tubing minimum.  Roll cage must be welded to frame, but cannot be used to reinforce the frame or body of the car.  Driver's door bars required, located inside door sheet metal, or, if outside the car, the bars can be no larger than 1" x 2" box or 2" round, mounted against the body, with no sharp edges.  Door bar must run from front door seam to no more than 12" behind driver seat.  Padding in driver compartment recommended.  All front windshields require 3 bars in front of driver minimum and 6 for passenger running or full screen over opening.  Radiator reinforcement optional. CRUISER CARS NEED BARS ON BOTH SIDES OF WINDSHIELD.


Safety Equipment:  Driver window nets required.  Bucket seats only, aluminum racing seats OK.  Four point, 3" safety belt mandatory. The belts must be good but not necessarily in date.  Must not be faded, torn or worn out.  Must be functional and mounted to roll cage.  Helmets must be in good condition, NO EXCEPTIONS!  Drivers must wear minimum of long sleeve shirts, long pants, socks and boots or sneakers.  Fire suit highly recommended. MUST HAVE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER WITH IN DRIVERS REACH.


Engine/Transmission:  Any stock engine and stock transmission combination.  Must have a stock clutch for standard tranny and a stock torque converter on automatic transmission. COOLERS ALLOWED ON TRANSMISSION ONLY. 


Carburetor:  One 2 barrel or 4 barrel only.  Must be OEM stock.  No double pumpers.  No electric fuel pumps unless car is factory stock fuel injected.  Stock air cleaners.


Tires & Wheels:  DOT street legal tires, 60, 65 or 70 series measuring 9" or less.  Modified tires are allowed.  Steel wheels 8" maximum.  One inch lug nut RECOMMENDED. No wheel spacers.  Reinforced wheels OK.  NO bead locks.


Suspension:  Must be absolutely stock.  NO modifications allowed.  Steering and suspension may not be reinforced in any way.  Stock springs and shocks in stock location.  No spacers.


Radiator:  One radiator in stock location.  No auxiliary ENGINE cooling systems anywhere else.


Battery:  MUST be located in driver's compartment and be securely mounted in approved container.


Gas Tank:  Are safest in TRUNK.  If moved to trunk, tank must be strapped in two directions with steel straps, securely bolted to trunk floor.  Complete firewall mandatory.  Connections must be secured with no fuel lines hanging below the chassis.  Fuel cells are permitted.  Pump gas only, no alcohol or racing fuel.




Car Numbers:  Minimum 18" on doors and roof.  Two or three digits.  In case of number duplication, officials will have the option to change the car number. MAKE IT READABLE!!!


Misc. Items:  DRIVE SHAFTS MUST BE PAINTED WHITE.  Locked rear gear OK.  SAFETY LOOP MUST BE MOUNTED AROUND DRIVESHAFT NO FURTHER BACK THAN 6" BEHIND FRONT YOKE.  Ignition OEM only.  If keyed, key must be secured to the column.  Toggle switch OK.  8" hole in hood mandatory.  Firewalls must be completely sealed.  No radios or cell phones in any car.  NO AFTERMARKET PARTS.




All cars will be inspected for safety regulations prior to each race.  Officials have the final determination if the car meets safety standards and is eligible to race. RULES STRONGLY ENFORCED.


Questions: If you have any question please call Paul Gentry at 785) 534-2253

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